Travel Scholarship

Make valuable connections at conferences and seminars.


The Student Travel Scholarship provides funds for students to travel to conferences, seminars, workshops or other educational programs related to our mission.

This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students of all majors and can be applied to travel or other approved expenses. Applications are accepted throughout the year and decided on a rolling basis.


Applications should demonstrate how this experience will benefit the student and support the PCPE mission. Funding is available for, but not limited to, travel for conferences, seminars, workshops, and research presentations.

Below is a list of organizations who host programs and events eligible for student travel scholarships. Visit their websites to see a complete list of their events, dates and locations. Students can also submit applications for other events, subject to approval.

To Apply

Students should submit their applications to or bring a completed form to Barry Hall 400. 

PCPE Student Travel Scholarship Application

A student hoping to participate in this program should submit a scholarship application before attending an event. Students will be notified of the status of their application via email. If approved, funds will be distributed to the student after they return as a scholarship through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.


To receive scholarship funds, students will be asked to submit proof of acceptance/attendance and documentation for their travel. Students may also be asked to provide photos and/or feedback of their experience. 



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