Brooke Anderson

Name: Brooke Anderson 

Majors: English and Secondary English Education 

Minor: Mathematics 

Year: Junior 

Areas of Expertise: Literary Analysis, Short Story, MLA Citations 

Why do I tutor? I love being able to help others and listen to people's ideas. I've learned something new in every session, and working at the Center for Writers is often my favorite part of the day! 

What is my favorite beverage? SunnyD. 

Cody Goehring 

Name: Cody Goehring 

Majors: English and Psychology 

Year: Senior 

Areas of Expertise: Outlining Process, Drafting Process, Creative Writing, APA, Research Articles 

Why do I tutor? I enjoy talking about writing in all its nuances. 

What is my personality like? A fresh baked cookie, gooey and warm. 

Fredrick Gaisie 

Name: Fredrick Gaisie 

MA: English & Literature 

Year: First Year Graduate Student 

Areas of Expertise: I love creating and bringing new things to life, which is something that excites me. During tutoring sessions, brainstorming and helping students in the initial stages of their drafting assignments or research work helps them to think about their assignments from multiple perspectives. However, the goal is to give the students the opportunity to decide what works for them. 

Why do I tutor? I am deeply motivated about helping others reach their full potential, which is rewarding for me. By tutoring, I get the opportunity to impact knowledge and help others realize their academic goals. 

What is the favorite food I've eaten here in the US so far? Vegetable Beef Soup... hahaha.  

Grace Mcintyre 

Name: Grace Mcintyre 

Majors: BA in English and BFA in Art 

Year: Senior 

Areas of Expertise: Thesis Brainstorming, Grammar, Sentence Structure, Punctuation 

Why do I tutor? To help explain and simplify writing so that students may find it more enjoyable. 

What is my favorite book series? The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. 

Kira Eliason 

Name: Kira Eliason 

Major: Environmental Engineering 

Minor: Math 

Year: Senior 

Areas of Expertise: Drafting Process, Creative Writing, Rhetorical Analyses 

Why do I tutor? I like to talk about writing! I also really enjoy working with both clients and other consultants, and I feel like I learn something new with every experience I have at the Center. 

What is my favorite snack? I think my bloodstream is made up of around 80 percent Diet Coke at any given moment, so it would probably be disingenuous to say anything else. 

Laura Overbo 

Name: Laura Overbo 

Major: English 

Minor: Strategic Communications 

Certificate: Professional Writing 

Year: Junior 

Areas of Expertise: Technical or Professional Writing – Resumes, Research, Editing (Spelling/ Grammar/ Punctuation) – Organization/ Structure, Wordsmithing, Brainstorming 

Why do I tutor? I find tutoring to be both mutually beneficial and personally fulfilling to help others where I can. There's something to learn from everyone, and I love building new connections! 

What is my favorite hobby? Either scuba diving, since I've been licensed since I was 15, or travelling, since I've been to almost 20 different countries! 


Sam Schotzko 

Name: Sam Schotzko 

Major: English Education 

Minor: Theatre 

Year: Junior 

Areas of Expertise: Creative Writing, Literature Analysis 

Why do I tutor? I love to see the sheer excitement in someone's face when they unlock an idea that they otherwise may have never thought of. 

If I could become instantly skilled in any creative medium, what would it be? Game mechanic creation. I am a sucker for a unique yet vastly adaptable game mechanic, so to be able to create them would be a cool skill! 

Taylor Severance

Name: Taylor Severance 

Major: Chemistry 

Minor: Anthropology 

Year: Sophomore 

Areas of Expertise: Literary Analysis, Scholarship Essays, Memoirs 

Why do I tutor? I love helping students become writers they don't think they can be and helping them realize how accessible writing is. 

If I could eat one fast food chain for the rest of my life, what would it be? Panda Express. 


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