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Requirements for Certifying Upper Division Writing Courses

I.  Courses to be considered for the Communication Category of General Education Category 1 should follow the "New Course" guidelines at the bottom of the University Senate General Education Committee website. 

II.  In order for a writing-intensive course at NDSU to be considered for the Communication Category in General Education, it must meet the following General Education Outcomes and specific requirements: 

  • GE Outcome #1:  Students should learn to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and genres.  To meet this goal, a course should include these elements:

    • assigned readings in a variety of genres, acknowledging that models can be helpful for writing and that good writers are typically good readers;
    • multiple writing assignments in at least two different genres;
    • structured elements within a course that will promote drafting, revising, and editing.  

  • GE Outcome #6:  Students should learn to integrate knowledge and ideas in a coherent and meaningful manner.  In order to meet this goal, writing assignments should include these elements:

    • reading of primary or secondary sources as a prompt or starting point for writing;
    • research (field, lab, or library) that will be integrated into a written document;
    • a clearly specified audience and context for writing.

III.  A writing-intensive course at NDSU must also include these elements:

  • English 120 as a pre-requisite;
  • three (3) credits;
  • a student cap of 22 is strongly recommended but not required;
  • at least three (3) writing assignments;
  • opportunities for revision;
  • the production of at least 15 pages of finished text or an appropriate equivalent in another medium.


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