Graduate Student Workshops

All workshops will be hosted online this semester. For further information or to request registration to a workshop, please contact the Center for Writers


Wed. Feb. 24th; 2:00-3:00pm - Writing in Active Voice

In attempts to sustain objectivity, academic writers are often trapped in a passive voice tangle that adds complexity and verbosity to already complex prose.  While we can’t get completely away from passive voice, in this workshop we discuss how to tame it to our own uses—thus freeing our prose—and our readers—from its worst excesses.


Thur. March 4th; 2:00-3:00pm - Common Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

Good ideas can get lost in bad grammar and punctuation. In the Center for Writers graduate workshop on “How to Correct Common Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes,” we take on four common errors in a common-sense way to help clear up your writing so those good ideas can come through.


Very soon, we will add workshops through the end of the semester.

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