Graduate Student Workshops

All workshops will be hosted online this semester. For further information or to request registration to a workshop, please contact the Center for Writers


Thursday, April 15th 1-2:30: Writing an Introduction

Introductions can be notoriously difficult to write.  This workshop will present strategies for writing strong introductions and for avoiding pitfalls that plague this section.  


Monday, April 19th 1-2:30: Writing an Abstract

An abstract is a challenging genre of writing that many writing projects require.  While each discipline, journal, and even writer might hold specific expectations, abstracts do have a few widely shared features.  In this workshop, we will discuss some of the common features and how to construct an abstract.


Monday, Apr. 26th 2-3:30: Personal Statements

Particularly difficult to write, the personal statement can make or break job, scholarship, or even grant applications. In this workshop we focus on some effective strategies and common pitfalls for writing this unusual genre.


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