Graduate Courses

ENGL 751: Tools for Academic Writing: Clarity and Style (1 credit; 8 weeks in fall semester)

The main purpose of this course is for students to learn and practice using specific strategies for writing clear, correct, and audience-appropriate academic documents. In addition, students will investigate writing expectations and analyze academic writing in their own disciplines. The class structure will follow the lessons in Joseph Williams's Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace.

ENGL 752: Tools for Academic Writing: Writing Your Manuscript (1 credit; spring and fall semesters)

NOTE:  ENGL 752 will not be offered in Spring 2023.


ENGL 752 is based on the assumption that individualized feedback is the most effective tool for students to improve their academic writing. This course leads students through 16 weeks of intensive academic writing with extensive individualized feedback. Students will do the following:

  • Develop a semester-long writing plan for a major paper or part thereof (e.g., disquisition, article for publication, grant application)
  • Obtain approval and guidance from their advisors
  • Write intensively, receiving weekly individualized feedback from a graduate writing consultant
  • Report to the course instructor to ensure they are progressing appropriately, and report to their advisors as needed

Students interested in taking ENGL 752 should contact 

NOTE: This course is not recommended for students who are working on their disquisitions and planning to graduate the semester they take this course. The Graduate School's timeline is such that students will have to complete their disquisitions between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way through the semester; this timeline means that students will have far less than 16 week of writing in the semester. Students graduating the same semester should contact to discuss options for intensive writing support.

ENGR 722: Academic Writing in the Engineering Disciplines (3 credits; spring semester)

** NOTE: This course is limited to engineers**

The purpose of this course is for graduate engineering students to learn and practice using specific strategies for writing academic papers. Students will analyze and assess published work and practice working on the elements of a successful academic paper. In addition, they will write and revise a manuscript of their own.

Find the syllabus for spring 2023 here.


UNIV 440/640 – Writing for Scholars, Fellows, and Researchers (1 credit; 8 weeks in fall semester)

This course aims to help students develop an understanding of the academic genre of grant and fellowship applications by analyzing a specific grant program, practicing the elements required for the application, and submitting a completed application. Currently, the specific program is the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

Students interested in taking this course should contact Dean Susan Sell in the Graduate School:


Other Graduate Writing Couses

The Intensive English Language Program offers graduate writing and public speaking courses, both for native and non-native speakers.

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