Our Mission

The Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth aims to advance understanding in the areas of innovation, trade and institutions to identify policies and solutions that enhance economic growth and opportunity.

Three Core Areas

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship enhance economic growth and help create economic opportunity.

Entrepreneurs facilitate a process known as "creative destruction" wherein new and more efficient ways of doing business replace existing methods. This leads to more efficient use of resources and economic growth. We examine a variety of questions related to innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on topics such as:

  • Policies that facilitate or hinder innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The impact of different types of innovation and entrepreneurship on growth, opportunities and individuals
  • The ways innovation and entrepreneurship change the nature of regional, national and global economies, as well as opportunities for individuals

Trade, Investment and Immigration

Globalization and recent events have demonstrated the importance of trade, investment and immigration.

We have recently seen trade tensions between the U.S. and its trading partners; increased scrutiny of international investment amidst national security concerns; and heightened debates over immigration policy. We examine these issues in the context of growth and opportunity, exploring topics such as: 

  • How trade, investment and immigration enhance economic growth and opportunity for individuals
  • The impact of various trade, investment and immigration policies on nations, regions and specific populations
  • The role of trade, investment and immigration in today's increasingly global society

Institutions and Policy

Political, legal, economic and financial institutions play a major role in influencing economic growth and opportunity.

Institutions create the social and legal norms and rules that guide our society. We examine the impact of public policy in-depth, studying issues such as:

  • The relationship between economic and political freedom, economic opportunity and well-being
  • The impact of various public policies on economic growth and opportunity for individuals
  • How the policies of political, legal, economic and financial institutions affect innovation



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