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The Psychology of Progress Project, a program from the Challey Institute at North Dakota State University, seeks to launch a new area of psychology focused on human progress. Our goal is to help individuals and organizations understand and apply psychological science to promote progress and flourishing. Learn more.





Research Publications
  • Does existential wellbeing promote positive attitudes toward entrepreneurs?
    Clay Routledge, Taylor A. FioRito, John Bitzan, and Andrew A. Abeyta (2021), Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Complaining Behavior
  • Meaning-motivated community action: The need for meaning and prosocial goals and behavior
    Taylor A. FioRito, Clay Routledge, and Jeremy Jackson (2021), Personality and Indvidual Differences


Business Publications
Clay Routledge is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, where he writes academic-driven professional advice for leaders and managers. 


Clay Routledge is co-editor of Profectus, a periodic web-based magazine featuring thoughtful essays and interviews on the intersection of academic literature, public policy, civilizational progress, and human flourishing. Find out more about Profectus


  • We study the psychological benefits of nostalgia.

Nostalgia was once considered an illness confined to specific groups of people. Today, people all over the world report experiencing and enjoying nostalgia. But how does nostalgia work? And is it healthy? Clay Routledge details the way our understanding of nostalgia has changed since the term was first coined in the late 17th century.

TED-Ed Lesson by Clay Routledge, animation by Anton Bogaty
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