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Facilities and Research Centers

NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Department of Chemistry completed houses a million dollar NMR spectroscopy laboratory that includes three high field instruments.

500 MHz Varian Inova with triple axis gradients
400 MHz Varian Inova with Z-axis gradients
300 MHz Varian Mercury with Z-axis gradients

All instruments have variable temperature capabilities and employ the latest processing software.

The NMR Spectroscopy Lab is the central component of the Organic Spectroscopy Laboratory (OSL), which also includes a Bruker LC-MS and FT-IR instruments. An intergral part of the OSL's (and primarily the NMR Center's) success has been Daniel Wanner whom joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 1990 and in 1992 assumed the position of OSL facility manager. It is through his dedication as a teacher, that Daniel instructs and aids those utilizing the OSL facility.

Protein NMR Specialist, Dr. John Bagu, joined NDSU in 2005 and is the director of the NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory.