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Research Faculty

21st Century Science

The research interests of the Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty at NDSU encompass a broad range of molecuar sciences. Many of the faculty have interdisciplinary research programs which bridge between traditional disciplines of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, computational chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. For a full listing of all faculty and staff, see our directory.



Research Interests

Philip Boudjouk

Philip Boudjouk
Jordan A. Engberg Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Professor


Uwe Burghaus
Associate Professor

Surface Chemistry

Christopher Colbert

Structural Biology and Metalloprotein Biochemistry

Gregory Cook
Professor and Chair

Synthetic Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Stuart Haring
Associate Professor

DNA Metabolism and Cell Cycle Regulation

John Hershberger

Kinetics and Dynamics of Combustion Chemistry

Dmitri Kilin

Dmitri Kilin
Associate Professor

Computational Chemistry of Materials, Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Svetlana Kilina
James A. Meier Associate Professor

Computation Chemistry

  Alexey Leontyev
Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry Education
Discipline Based Education Research

Guodong Liu
Associate Professor

Analytical Chemistry - Nanotechnology and Biological Sensing

Gudrun Lukat-Rodgers
Research Professor

Bioinorganic Chemistry

James Nyachwaya

James Nyachwaya
Assistant Professor

Chemistry Education
Discipline Based Education Research

Alex Parent
Assistant Professor

Inorganic/Organic Chemistry
Green Chemistry

Seth Rasmussen

Materials Chemistry and Chemical History

Kenton Rodgers

Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry

Mukund Sibi
University Distinguished Professor
James A. Meier Professor

Synthetic Organic and Natural Products Chemistry

Sangita Sinha
Jordan A. Engberg Preseidential Professor

Biochemistry and Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions

Wenfang Sun
Walter F. and Verna Gehrts Professor
James A. Meier Senior Professor

Materials Chemistry

Dr. John Wilkinson

John C. Wilkinson
Associate Professor

Biochemistry of Cancer

Zhongyu Yang
Associate Professor

Bioanalytical chemistry; Biophysics; Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Pinjing Zhao
Associate Professor

Inorganic and Organic Chemistry; Synthesis and Mechanistic Organometallic Chemistry; Homogeneous Catalysis.