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Policies and Forms

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Regulations

Graduate Student Regulations - PRE 2017


Common Procedures
Department Committee Policy
Graduate Student Regulations
Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation Policy

College of Science and Mathematics PT&E Policy
University PT&E Policy


*Note* The Department Check-Out, Undergraduate Check-Out, Committee Meeting, and FedEx Request are fillable forms. Please try another browser if they do not display properly.
Department Check-Out Form

FedEx Shipping Request
Grad Committee Meeting Report Form
Maxi Presentation and Defense
Mentor Selection Form
Non-Travel Reimbursement Form
Photo Release Form
Seminar Peer Evaluation Form
TA Leave Request Form
Undergraduate Check-Out Form

ChemBio Purchasing
Lab Access
To view Stockroom Inventory use login - inventory / inventory
Online Purchasing Manual


Annual Report 2009-2010
Annual Report 2010-2011


Academic Geneology (pdf)


Department Desktop Images