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September 28 and 29, 2012
Memorial Union Century Theatre

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Welcome Message from Vice President Boudjouk

Welcome to the symposium on Sustainable Materials and Light Driven Processes at NDSU. This collaborative effort involving The Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Coatings and Polymeric Materials, and Physics, along with the Center for Protease Research is a signatory accomplishment and one that is consistent with a culture at NDSU that places a major emphasis on team research and joint ventures that maximize our resources. These two days will put on display some of the research that has attracted national and international attention and that holds promise for discoveries yet to come. The specific topics brought forth in this symposium are relatively new for NDSU but it is easy to trace their roots to a long history of seminal work in these departments in both materials and photochemistry.

Cutting edge research demands that we be comfortable with change and uncomfortable with the status quo. So it is also on the broader university level. Recently, NDSU transformed itself from a respected and productive regional university to a university that is now in the highest Carnegie Research Classification, that generates 100 PhDs per year, produces nearly one percent of the nation’s engineers, and has been cited by Moody’s as one of the three reasons, along with energy production and agriculture, that the State of North Dakota has, arguably, the healthiest economy in the United States for the last ten years and projected to be a economic and technology leader in the next decade.

Again, welcome to our university, enjoy this symposium and please accept my apologies for not being able to greet you in person.

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