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Uwe Burghaus

Surface Chemistry

Research directions

Model catalysts - nanoclusters on supports: We focus our attention on the reactivity of metal nanoparticles which are adsorbed on, for example, metal oxide supports. These topics are related to heterogeneous catalysis and materials science applications. In collaboration with national laboratories, for some of these projects, nanofabrication techniques such as electron beam lithography are used to manufacture the samples. Recently we started to use graphene as a support. The figure below shows a scanning electron microscopy image of a typical sample (made at Argonne National labs and Molecular Foundry in Chicago/Berkeley by S. Cabrini and L. Ocola) and molecular beam scattering data.

Nanotubes: We work with carbon nanotubes and inorganic nanotubes mostly towards application in heterogeneous catalysis. The figure shows a sample of WS2 nanotubes which is used for hydrodesulfurization catalysis.

Alkaline earth oxides: These oxides are very reactive for carbon dioxide and alkane activation which we characterize using surface science techniques.

Measuring techniques

Adsorption dynamics: Application of molecular beam scattering techniques to characterize the morphology and reactivity of catalyst surfaces. A molecular beam might be compared with a LASER system, however, instead of monochromatic light we use supersonic and nearly monochromatic particle beams.
Adsorption kinetics: Temperature ramping techniques at vacuum conditions and ambient pressure are applied to characterize the kinetics of surface reactions.
Spectroscopy: includes a laboratory x-ray photoelectron spectrometer.


Selected Publications

Support effects in the adsorption of water on CVD graphene: an ultra-high vacuum adsorption study, Chemical Communications, 2015, 51, 11463 - 11466 by A. Chakradhar, N. Sivapragasam, M. T. Nayakasinghe and U. Burghaus

Adsorption of water on graphene/Ru(0001)—an experimental ultra-high vacuum study,
Chemical Communications 50 (2014) 7698 - 7701,
by A. Chakradhar,U. Burghaus

Unexpected bond activation of small organic molecules on a metal oxide -butane/CaO(100), Chemical Communications (2008) 4073-4075, by E. Kadossov, U. Burghaus,

Stabilization of polar ZnO-surfaces: Validating microscopic models by using CO as a probe molecule, Physical Review Letters 90 (2003) 106102--106102-4, by V. Staemmler, K. Fink, B. Meyer, D. Marx, M. Kunat, S.Gil Girol, U. Burghaus, Ch. Wöll.

Unexpected adsorption of oxygen on TiO2 nanotube arrays - influence of crystal structure, Nano Letters 7 (2007) 1091-1094, by S. Funk, B. Hokkanen, U. Burghaus, A. Ghicov, P. Schmuki

Preparation and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy Production, ACS Nano 4 (2010) 5517-5526, by Chang-jun Liu, Uwe Burghaus, Flemming Besenbacher and Zhong Lin Wang


Selected Book Chapters and Reviews

Surface science perspective of carbon dioxide chemistry - adsorption kinetics and dynamics of CO2 on selected model surfaces, Catalysis Today, 148 (2009), by U. Burghaus

Applications of Electron Beam Lithography in Surface Science and Catalysis – Model-Nano-Array Catalysts,by U. BurghausBook Chapter, Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC, JJ Spivey (Ed.) Catalysis: Volume 25, 2013, 25, 141-171
ISBN : 9781849735780 of the book10.1039/9781849737203 DoE of this chapter10.1039/9781849737203-00141

Surface Science Studies of Carbon Dioxide Chemistry, by U. Burghaus, chapter 3, in NEW AND FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS IN CATALYSIS: ACTIVIATION OF CARBON DIOXIDE, 2013, S.L. Suib (Volume Editor), Publisher Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-444-53882-6,


Recent Publications

Adsorption kinetics and dynamics of CO and CO2 on FeOx nanoclusters: DFT and molecular beam scattering, ACS conference proceedings, division of fuel chemistry, (Philadelphia-“Fuel Research and Development in the 21st century”), ISSN 1521-4648, 53 (2008) 855-856,by. E. Kadossov, U. Burghaus, M.R. Hoffmann (UND),

Adsorption of water on JSC-1A (simulated moon dust samples) – a surface science study, Surface and Interface Analysis, 40 (2008) 1423-1429, DOI 10.1002/sia.2918,

Internal NASA report  NASA/TM-2008 215279, by J. Goering, Shweta Sah, U. Burghaus , K.W. Street, Jr.

Reactive and non-reactive interactions of thiophene with WS2 fullerene-like nanoparticles: an ultra-high vacuum surface science study, Catalysis Letters 125 (2008) 236-242, DOI 10.1007/s10562-008-9565-7 by J. Goering, U. Burghaus, B.W. Arey, O. Eidelman, A. Zak, R. Tenne

Unexpected bond activation of small organic molecules on a metal oxide – butane/CaO(100), Chemical Communications (2008) 4073-4075, by E.B. Kadossov, U. Burghaus, DOI:10.1039/b804472d

Adsorption kinetics of alcohols on single wall carbon nanotubes – an ultra-high vacuum surface science study, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (2008) 10114-10124,by J. Goering, E. Kadossov, U. Burghaus

Adsorption dynamics and kinetics of CO, NO, and CO2 on reduced CaO(100) surfaces, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (2008) 7390-7400, by. E. Kadossov, U. Burghaus

Adsorption kinetics and dynamics of small organic molecules on a silica wafer: Butane, pentane, nonane, thiophene, and methanol adsorption on SiO2/Si(111), Applied Surface Science 254 (2008) 5271-5275, by S. Funk, J. Goering, U. Burghaus

Adsorption dynamics and kinetics of CO2 on Fe/FeOx nanoclusters supported on HOPG, Surface and Interface Analysis 40 (2008) 893-898, by E. Kadossov, U. Burghaus

Molecular beam scattering of CO on iron oxide clusters supported on graphite (HOPG),Surface Science 602 (2008) 811-818, by E. Kadossov, J. Goering, U. Burghaus

CO adsorption on FeOx nano-clusters supported on HOPG – effect of oxide formation on   catalytic activity, Catalysis Letters 120 (2008) 179-183, by E. Kadossov, S. Funk, U. Burghaus

Reactivity screening of anatase TiO2  nanotube arrays and antase thin films: a surface chemistry point of view, by S. Funk, B. Hokkanen, T. Nurkic, J. Goering, E. Kadossov, U. Burghaus, A. Ghicov, P. Schmuki, Z.Q. Yu, S. Thevuthasan, L.V. Saraf, In "Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Stabilization, Passivation and Functionalization", Eds., R. Nagarajan and T. A. Hatton, 2008 ACS Symposium Series 996, American Chemical Society, Washington DC., Chapter 11 (page 139-151), Printed by Oxford University press. ISBN 978-0-8412-6969-9


Joint Projects

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL): I. Lyubinetsky, L. Saraf, B.W. Arey
Argonne National Laboratory: R. Divan, L. Ocola
Brookhaven National laboratory: M. Lu
Berkeley Molecular Foundry (LBNL): S. Cabrini
NASA: K.W. Street, P.B. Abel
University of North Dakota (UND): M. Hoffmann, W. Seames
Erlangen-Nuernberg University (Germany): A. Ghicov, P. Schmuki
Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel): R. Tenne
Teaching collaborations; D. Ulness (Concordia College, MN), W. Lin, R.V. Pieri, E. Khan, C. Ulven (NDSU)

Associate Professor

PhD, Free University Berlin, 1995
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dipartimento di Fisica, Genoa
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1996-1998

Office: 202 Ladd

tel 701-231-9742
fax 701-231-8831


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