Teaching and Research Faculty



Uwe Burghaus

Research: Chemical processes on solid surfaces: surface chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, nanoscience, materials

Email: uwe.burghaus@ndsu.edu

Chris Colbert

Research: Structure biology with a focus on the biochemistry of proteins involved in iron import and utilization

Email: christopher.colbert@ndsu.edu

Gregory Cook

Department Chair
Research: Synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on green and sustainable new methods


Stuart Haring

Research: Mechanisms of DNA repair and cell cycle regulation in the prevention of DNA mutation and disease

Email: stuart.haring@ndsu.edu

John Hershberger

Research: Experimental studies of gas phase reaction kinetics, with emphasis on reactions important in combustion chemistry

Email: john.hershberger@ndsu.edu

Dmitri Kilin

Research: Coming soon!



Svetlana Kilina

Research: Computational chemistry models of processes taking place on organic-inorganic interfaces in hybrid, functionalized nanomaterials.


Alexey Leontyev

Research: Chemistry Education 

Email: alexey.leontyev@ndsu.edu

Gudrun Lukat-Rodgers

Research: Bioinorganic chemistry with an emphasis on physical characterization of heme-containing enzymes


James Nyachwaya

Research: Coming soon!


Gregory Oswald

Research: Coming soon!

Email: gregory.oswald@ndsu.edu

Seth Rasmussen

Research: Synthesis and applications of organic semiconducting materials / History of chemistry, with a focus on the history of materials


Kenton Rodgers

Research: Mechanistic metallobiochemistry of heme-dependent proteins and enzymes; optical, magnetic resonance, and resonance Raman spectroscopy

Email: kent.rodgers@ndsu.edu

Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat

Research: Geochemistry / Earth Materials

Email: bernhardt.sainieiduk@ndsu.edu

Mukund Sibi

Research: Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Asymmetric Catalysis, Green Chemistry, and Materials

Email: mukund.sibi@ndsu.edu

Sangita Sinha

Research: The Sinha Lab uses a diverse array of structural, biophysical, biochemical, molecular biology and cellular methods to understand the structural and mechanistic basis of autophagy, an essential, eukaryotic catabolic pathway, as well as the modulation of host cell autophagy by intracellular pathogens

Email: sangita.sinha@ndsu.edu

Angel Ugrinov

Research: Coming soon!

Email: angel.ugrinov@ndsu.edu

John Wilkinson

Research: Metabolism, apoptosis, and the pathogenesis of cancer

Email: john.wilkinson@ndsu.edu

Zhongyu Yang

Research: Confining biopolymers in synthetic nanostructures to generate advanced materials and knowledge via analytical, biophysical, and biomaterials chemistry


Pinjing Zhao

Research: Coming soon!


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