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Department Seminars 2016-2019

Department Seminars Fall 2016

4:00 pm, Ladd 107 unless otherwise noted





Aug 25

Dr. Sangita Sinha


Conformational Flexibility of BECN Homologs is Essential for Starvation-Induced Autophagy

Aug 26
Dunbar 152

Dr. John Kiely


Part 1  Quinolone Antiinfectives, Potency, Biochemistry Mechanisms, and Side Effects; Part 2 What will your professional career be like after NDSU?

Aug 29
Ladd 114

Dr. Sadagopan Krishnan

Guodong Liu


Sept 1

Dr. John Wilkinson


The Surprisingly Non-apoptotic Story of Apoptosis Inducing Factor

Sept 22

Dr. Ayusman Sen

Ugrinov / Sibi

Fantastic Voyage: Designing Self-powered Nanobots

Nov 3

Dr. Rajesh Sardar

Guodong Liu


Dec 15

Dr. Binghe Wang

Pinjing Zhao

Therapeutic Carbon Monoxide


Department Seminars Sprin 2017

4:00 pm, Ladd 209 unless otherwise noted

Jan 23
Minard 230

Dr. Andrei Piryatinski

Svetlana Kilina

Exciton Dynamics and Optical Properties of Single Semiconductor Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube Bundles

Feb 16

Dr. Levi Stanley

Mukund Sibi

Catalytic Hydroacylation and Carboacylation of Olefins: A Platform for Synthesis of Heterocyclic and Carbocyclic Ketones

Mar 9

Dr. Kara Stowers

Alex Parent

The art of converting and capturing waste feedstocks

Mar 16

Dr. Peter Qin

Zhongyu Yang

Nucleic acid recognitions investigated using site-directed spin labeling: CRISPR and beyond

Apr 6

Dr. Nuri Oncel

Uwe Burghaus

Iridium modified Silicon surfaces

Apr 27

Dr. Sherri McFarland

Wenfang Sun

Adventures in Photomedicine: Using Light-Mediated Processes to Improve Health and Treat Disease

May 4

Dr. Jeffrey Aube

Mukund Sibi

Reflections on a Decade of Library Construction

Department Seminars Fall 2017

4:00 pm, Ladd 209 unless otherwise noted

Sept 21 Dr. Jennifer Lu Wenfang Sun Creating Material Platforms to Enable Energy Conversion and Harvesting

Department Seminars Spring 2018

4:00 pm, Ladd 209 unless otherwise noted

March 14 Dr. Justin Holub Sangita Sinha

Re-imagining Nature's Scaffold: Designing Synthetic Proteins to Target Biomolecular Interactions

March 15 Dr. Alex Smirnov Zhongyu Yang

Nanopore-confined Bilayers: Model Biomembranes for Oriented Sample Magnetic Resonance

March 22 Dr. Danielle Benoit Zhongyu Yang

Therapeutic Biomaterials Approaches for Bone Regeneration

March 29 Dr. Nino Campobasso Chris Colbert

Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery

April 12 Dr. Gary Brudvig Alex Parent

Water oxidation chemistry of photosystem II and artificial systems

April 19

11:00 am, Ladd 107

Dr. Thomas Schmittgen Guodong Liu

A MicroRNA and Pancreatic Cancer Link: Implications for Therapy and Early Detection

April 26 Dr. Wei Zhang Sangita Sinha Cryo-EM studies of enveloped virus assembly and infection
May 17 1:00 pm, Ladd 209 Dr. Frank Kero Angel Ugrinov

Improved Instrument Robustness via a Hot Surface Induced Desolvation (HSID) Interface for Tandem Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation: Cannabis, Pesticides and Veterinary Drug Residue Analysis in Foods

Department Seminars Fall 2018-Fall 2019

4:00 pm, Ladd 209 unless otherwise noted

Sept 27 Dr. Daniel Weix Pinjing Zhao

Engaging Difficult Substrates in Cross-Electrophile Coupling Reactions

Oct 4 Dr. Shengqian Ma Zhongyu Yang

Nanospace within Metal-Organic Frameworks: Plenty of Room for Imagination

Oct 11 Dr. Jane Wissinger Alexey Leontyev

Green Chemistry Curriculum and the Snowball Effect

Oct 25 Dr. Ludwig Bartels Uwe Burghaus

CVD Growth of Transition Metal Di- and Trichalcogenides Reduced Dimensionality Offers Exciting Opportunities

Dec 6 Dr. James Blakemore Alex Parent

Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis with Pentamethylcyclopentadiene [Cp*H] Complexes

March 28 Dr. Ramesh Giri Pinjing Zhao

Alkene Dicarbofunctionalization: Bond Formation at Classical and Non-classical Sites

April 11 Dr. Matthias Batzill Uwe Burghaus

A journey through Flatlands: Interfaces, defects, and modified functionalities in van der Waals materials

May 2 Dr. Mary Berry Dmitri Kilin Interpreting photochemistry of metal-organic species

May 21

3:00 PM Ladd 209

Dr. Kwang-Sup Lee Wenfang Sun

Semiconducting Quantum Dot Nanocrystals with Optoelectronic and Photonic Functions

June 18

3:00 PM Ladd 209


Dr. E.J. Meijer Dmitri Kilin

Modeling Catalytic Conversion in Protic Solvents


Sept 12



Dr. Chris Colbert  

Structural Basis of Cell-Surface Signaling by the Sigma-Regulator PupR in Pseudomonas capeferrum.


October 31



Dr. Heather Kulik Dmitri Kilin



November 7


Dr. Xiaodong Shi Pinjing Zhao



November 14


Dr. Thomas Holme Alexey Leontyev