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Past Seminars

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry prides itself on an active and excellent seminar program.








Department Seminars 2014-2015





Aug 28
Sudro 27

Stuart Haring
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, Fargo


Understanding How Cells Prevent Mutation and Disease Using Baker’s Yeast

Sept 4

Sangita Sinha
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, North Dakota State University, Fargo


Conformational flexibility in Beclin 1,
an evolutionarily-conserved key autophagy protein

Sept 25

David Collum
Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry
Chair of the Department of Chemistry
and Chemical Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Pinjing Zhao

Method of Continuous Variations: Structure and Reactivity of Lithium Enolates

Oct 2

Todd Mlsna
Department of Chemistry, Mississippi State University

Seth Rasmussen

Miniaturization, Disease Diagnosis, Romantic Deer and Deadly Fungus:Portable Analytical Instrumentation Development and Applications

Oct 23

Ilyas Washington
Columbia University Medical Center, Ophthalmology

Sivaguru Jayaraman

How inhibiting the dimerization of vitamin A and controlling redox cycling of coenzyme Q may prevent retinal degeneration

Nov 21
3:00 pm
Ladd 114

Clovis Linkous
STEM College professor Youngstown State University

Greg Cook

Fabrication of a Dual-Sided Photocatalytic Membrane via Electrodeposition of Semiconductor Films

Dec 4

Greg Oakley
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Stuart Haring

RPAcheQ, Inhibiting RPA to Exploit Intrinsic Replication Stress in Cancer Cells

Dec 11

Keiichi Yoshimatsu
University of California, Irvine 

Candidate Seminar

Designing Synthetic Materials withIntrinsic Affinity to Target Molecules

Dec 15
Ladd 114

Zhongyu Yang

Candidate Seminar

Long range distance and slow conformational dynamics measurements in proteins at physiological temperatures using EPR spectroscopy

Dec 18

George Chan

Candidate Seminar

Towards an Expert System for Inductively Coupled Plasma–Atomic Emission Spectrometry — an Automated Diagnostic Tool for Flagging Matrix Interferences

Jan 12
4:00 pm
Minard 230

Mario Alpuche

Candidate Seminar

Electrochemistry of Semiconductor Nanostructures

Jan 15

Melissa Maurer-Jones

Candidate Seminar

Photochemical Transformation of Biodegradable Aliphatic-Aromatic Polyesters and its Impact to Degradability

Feb 12

Grigoriy Sereda
University of South Dakota

Svetlana Kilina

Practical applications of organic chemistry and nanoparticles in every day dental

Feb 19

Samuel Thomas


Beyond Alkyl: New Roles For Conjugated Polymer Side Chains

Feb 20
3:00 pm
Van Es 101

Ted Weinhert

Stuart Haring & Erika Offerdahl

Exploring Chromosome Instability: DNA Replication, Telomeres, and Other Mysteries

Mar 5

Armen Zakarian

Mukund Sibi

Chiral Lithium Amides in Synthesis and Reaction Development

Mar 12

Karen Allen

Chris Colbert

An Evolutionary Tale: Phosphatase Dynamics Dictate Specificity and Regulation

Mar 31
11:00 am -
2:00 pm
Dunbar 154

Waters Company

Core Synthesis & Analytical Services Facility

Chiral Analysis using UPC2

Apr 2

Maria Fernandez-Serra
Stony Brook University

Svetlana Kilina

Water at Semiconductor and metallic interfaces: Why an accurate quantum mechanical
description is needed to understand the photocatalytic water splitting process

Apr 9

Walter Chazin

Stuart Haring


Apr 16

Squire Booker

Sangita Sinha

A Tale of Two Substrates:  Characterization of a Dual Specificity RNA Methylase

Apr 23

Abraham Joy

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Multivalent Polyesters and Polyurethanes:
A New Class of Polymers for Tissue Engineering and Therapeutic Delivery Applications

Apr 30

Yong Zhang

Pinjing Zhao

Unprecedented structural and mechanistic results for metalloproteins and biomimetic catalysts from quantum chemical investigations

May 7

Sergei Tretiak

Svetlana Killina

From engineering interfaces in soft electronic materials to efficient perovskite photovoltaics

May 14

V. Ramamurthy

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Photochemistry in a Capsule: Communication between an Encapsulated and a Free Molecule

May 29

Tushar Chakraborty

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Stereoselective Radical Reactions in Organic Synthesis


Graduate Student Seminars 2014-2015





Sept 29

V. Sandeep Reddy 

Gregory Cook

Bioorthogonal Chemistry

Oct 6

Yue Li

Sangita Sinha

Identification of a candidate therapeutic autophagy-inducing peptide

Oct 13

Kaitlin Dailey

John Wilkinson

Warburg Effect

Oct 20

Drew Scott

John Wilkinson


Oct 24
11:00 am
Morrill 109

Elango Kumarasamy

Sivaguru Jayaraman

The Tale of Twisted Molecules: Stereospecific Photoreactions of Atropisomeric Compounds

Oct 27

Andrew Calascione

Erika Offerdahl

Educational Data Mining

Nov 3

Erik Moran

Pinjing Zhao

Assymetric Flow Catalysis

Nov 10

Jessie Arneson

Erika Offerdahl

Formative Assessment

Nov 17

Rahul Hegishte

Seth Rasmussen

Organic Solar Cells

Nov 19
12:00 pm
Morrill 107

Jing Zhang

Pinjing Zhao

New Strategies for Ruthenium Catalyzed C-C Bond Formation

Nov 24

Xiaoguang Zhang

Guodong Liu

Chemical Sensing with Nanowires

Nov 26
2:00 pm
Minard 112

Jaime Jensen

Chris Colbert

Deciphering the Molecular Code: Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanisms of OxyR

Dec 1

Kyle Anderson

Pinjing Zhao

Click Chemistry DNA

Dec 8

Chengzhe Wang

Wenfang Sun

Two-photon absorption

April 14

Padmaja Ghospurkar

Stuart Haring

Characterization of Rpa2  N-terminal function in DNA damage response in S. cerevisiae

April 17

Eric Serum

Mukund Sibi

Predictable Mixed Ullmann Coupling

April 29

Sunitha Takalkar

Guodong Liu

Ultra-sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers

May 12

Anthony Clay

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Light Mediated Synthesis of Biodiesel

June 9

Seth Adrian

Kent Rodgers

Adapting Heme Functionalized Quantum Dots to Study Hemopexin Concentrations in Blood Serum

June 30

Steve Wanjara

Glenn Dorsam