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Student Seminars 2015-2016

Graduate Student Seminars Fall 2015-2016

4:00 pm, Ladd 107 unless otherwise noted





Aug. 27
Ladd 114

Karen Glover

Sangita Sinha

Investigating the mechanism of Bif-1 in autophagy

Sept 28

Nilushni Sivapragasam

Uwe Burghaus

Carbon nanotube and its applications

Oct 5

Michelle Lund

Guodong Liu

Nano/micro approaches to food pathogen detection

Oct 6

Shane Wyborny

Chris Colbert


Oct 12

Tilan Abeyrathna

Uwe Burghaus

Use of liquids inside UHV

Oct 13

Mohammed Jabed

Svetlana Kilina

Reverse saturable adsorption of organometallic compounds

Oct 19

Shreya Mukhopadhyay

Sangita Sinha

The role of autophagy in oxidative strain

Oct 20

Zach Geeraerts

Kent Rodgers

Nitrate reductases

Oct 26

Sunil Acharya

Pinjing Zhao

Aryl silylation

Oct 27

Manqing Wei

Wenfang Sun

Ruthenium complexes as catalyst

Oct 29

Erik Janssen

John Hershberger

Infrared Diode Laser Spectroscopic Study of Combustion Related Kinetics

Nov 2
Sudro 24

Eric Uzelac

Seth Rasmussen

Incorporating Hydrogen Bonding into Fluorescent Liquid Crystals and Investigating its Role in Material Properties

Nov 9

Jian Wang

Pinjing Zhao

Research on oxidative bromination

Nov 16

Sunil Kandappa

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Photochemistry in natural product synthesis

Nov 16
Morrill 109

Ramkumar Moorthy

Mukund Sibi

Novel Asymmetric Approaches for the Construction of Small Molecules by Cyclization and Cycloaddition

Nov 23
Sudro 26

Naveen Dandu

Svetlana Kilina

Investigation of Structural and Optoelectronic Aspects in Carbon Quantum Dots

Nov 23

Ravi Chandranath S.

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Photoredox-based polymerization

Nov 30
Morrill 109

Gaoyuan Ma

Mukund Sibi

4-Dimethylamino Pyridine (DMAP) Catalyst With Fluxional Chirality: Synthesis and Applications

Nov 30

Jesse Joyce

Mukund Sibi

Dynamic kinetic resolution

Dec 1

Catherine Sutton

Mukund SIbi

Water as a solvent in organic reactions

Dec 10

Nandini Vallavoju

Sivaguru Jayaraman