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Student Seminars 2016-2017

Graduate Student Seminars Fall 2016

4:00 pm, Ladd 107 unless otherwise noted





Sept 21
FLC 122

Shannon Anderson
- PhD Defense

Erika Offerdahl

Solving for a process: A mechanistic characterization of student problem solving and  reasoning with proton NMR spectroscopy

Sept 26

Ben LeVahn

Christopher Colbert

Substrate specificity for the biphenyl dioxygenase system

Sept 27
Morrill 103

Akila Iyer
- PhD Defense

Jayaraman Sivaguru

Visible Light Photocatalysis of N-N Bond Based Compounds

Oct 3

Hashini Herath

Alexander Parent

Asymmetric epoxidation using non-heme iron metal catalysts and H2O2

Oct 10

Sunanda Neupane


Effects of nanoparticles in health and environment

Oct 17

Sapna Ahuja

Jayaraman Sivaguru

Photochromic molecular switches in cholesteric liquid crystals

Oct 20

Kilaru Praveen

Pinjing Zhao

Hydrogen Production from Water and Storage by the Use of Heterogeneous Photo catalyst

Oct 24

Waidath Bio-Sawe

Mukund Sibi

Artificial metalloenzymes: Proteins as host for enantioselective catalysis

Oct 27
Morrill 103

Kwaku Baryeh

Guodong Liu


Oct 31

Sujata Birua

John WIlkinson

Regulation of glycosphingolipids glycosyltransferase in breast cancer cells

Nov 1
Mindard 214

Peng Cui
- PhD Defense

Svetlana Kilina

First Principle Study on Interfacial Energetic Alignment and Charge Transfer in Quantum Dots Functionalized Via Metal-Organic Dye

Nov 7

Levi Lystrom

Svetlana Kilina

Non-adiabatic excited state MD

Nov 8
R1 Rm 148

Naveen Dandu
- PhD Defense

Svetlana Kilina

Effect of Surface Ligands and their Defects on the Electronic and Optical Properties of Quantum Dots

Nov 14

Krystal Grieger (Kalliokoski)

Mukund Sibi

Synthesis and applications of shape memory polymers

Nov 21

Trevor Baumgartner

Stuart Haring

Rad53 regulation of the cell cycle

Nov 28

Srinivasulu Dasanna

Sangita Sinha

Structural studies of Vps34 complex

Dec 5

Bing-Qing Liu

Wenfang Sun


Dec 13
Ladd 114

Yue Li

Sangita Sinha

Elucidating the molecular basis of interaction of the Hessian fly VH6EC1 with wheat TaSKP proteins 


Graduate Student Seminars Spring 2017

4:00 pm, Ladd 107 unless otherwise noted

Feb 17

Levi Stanley

Mukund Sibi


Mar 9

Kara Stowers

Alexander Parent


April 6

Nuri Oncel

Uwe Burghaus


April 27

Sherri McFarland

Wenfang Sun