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Seminars and Events

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Upcoming Department Seminars

4:00 pm, Ladd 209

-unless otherwise noted-





Dr. James Blakemore - December 6

Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis with Pentamethylcyclopentadiene [Cp*H] Complexes





Upcoming Student Seminars

4:00 pm, Ladd 209

-unless otherwise noted-


Eric Serum - PhD Defense

November 8

Ladd 107 11:00 AM

Title: Exploitation of Biomass of for Applications in Sustainable Material Science


Krystal Grieger - MS Defense

November 9

Ladd 209 1:00 PM

Title: Synthesis and Applications of Novel Bio-based Dialdehydes


Tilan Nayakasinghe Mudivans - PhD Defense

November 29

SE 208 1:15 PM

Title: TBA




Upcoming Events