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User group recording

Access the recorded user group meeting at . You must have Microsoft Silverlight installed to view the video.

New NDSU Template

The new NDSU template was automatically applied to all pages in CMS on 8 August 2011. This change does not affect any CMS sites (regardless of their affiliation with NDSU) other than those specifically under the domain

Known problems



  • Banner text - how to adjust banner text
  • Main page navigation link
    Previously, authors needed to maintain a "shortcut link" to their department main page. Now a link will be automatically inserted. Known shortcut-to-mainpage links will be removed prior to the template transition.
    how to adjust main page navigation link
  • New footer layout
    Generate footers tool
    The new template only uses the FOOTER1 content element, so you should migrate all of your footer text to this content element even if you do not use the Web Footer Generator tool. Please remember footers are a tool to help visitors FIND YOU. Don't sacrifice communication clarity for the sake of creativity
  • List styles
    New list styles and how to apply them (see bottom of page)
  • Form layouts
    Toggle between form layouts using the Frame drop-down menu in the Form content element (General tab). Use your best judgment for which style looks better for your form. In general, the default is best for forms with long labels, and layout 1 is best when all labels are relatively short
  • Horizontal rules are styled to better serve as a content divider, not as an underline to headings
  • Graphic use - Guidelines for suggested graphics use are pending
  • Heading styles
    Headings are adjusted. Details forthcoming.
  • Report a problem with new template

... In progress (more to come)

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