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In June 2015, will be migrated to https-only.

As a CMS user, all of the required work will be done for you; however, you should should double-check links and images to make the transition as smooth as possible for visitors to pages.

Fix http:// image reference

The NDSU logo that follows was copy-pasted from another NDSU page. Because it was not inserted using the "Insert image" dialog, it won't be automatically updated to load using HTTPS. In backend previews this image is outlined in red to aid in discovery.

Image inserted by copy-pastePreview in backend

To fix, you should

  1. Download the image to your computer
  2. Upload the image to Filelist
  3. Insert the image using the "Insert image" RTE dialog

Fix http:// link reference

Not all links need to--or even can--be updated to use https:// rather than http:// protocol.

To help you find links to investigate, backend previews highlight and outline http:// links in orange.

Link inserted by http://Preview in backend

NDSU homepage

For each highlighted link, you should

  1. Open the link in another window
  2. Change "http://" to "https://" to visit the page using https.
  3. Observe the result:

    1. Page not available.
      If the page is not available at all using https, you should not change this link to use https. This may happen for domains.
    2. Page loads, but doesn't work right or looks "funny."
      You might need to check again later to see if this page is fixed to work using https. A secure page is preferred, so it's worth checking back later to see if the author has improved the page and you can begin linking using https.
    3. Page loads and works great!
      You should update the link to use https:// so that visitors have the most secure web browsing experience possible.

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