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Insert a mail form

  1. Create a new content element on a page
  2. Click the Form elements tab
  3. Select Mail Form
  4. Make sure you Save the element before you continue!
  5. On the General tab, add text in the Header field
  6. Click the Form tab to open the form wizard

Add the fields - the Elements tab

  1. On the Elements tab, drag a Basic form element (1) to the area on the right (4) to add fields to the form
  2. Click Predefined Form elements (2) to drag grouped fields like checkboxes or radio buttons to the form area (4)
  3. Click Content elements (3) to add headers and text between fields in the form area (4)


Add field settings - the Options tab

  1. The Options tab opens automatically after you drag and drop a field onto the form
  2. Add label text in the Label: field | click the green check mark on the right or press Enter to save the Label: text - if you don't click the check mark or press Enter, the label text is not saved!

  3. Click Attributes Properties | add a unique name for this field - do not use capital letters or spaces; underscores only!

  4. Text added to the Placeholder: field appears as default text in the field on the form (i.e. Enter your first name here, etc.)
  5. Check Required: if users must complete this field before submitting the form
  6. Validation allows you to set optional validation rules for a field
  7. Set Options for each field added to the form

Add Submit and Reset Buttons

  1. Click and drag the Reset button from the Basic form elements on the Elements tab to the form area - a Reset button allows users to clear the form and start over (optional)
  2. Click and drag the Submit button to the form area - the form MUST have a Submit button!

  3. Click the reset or submit button on the form | click Attribute Properties on the Options tab
  4. Add text in the Value: field to change the default text that appears on the button
  5. Click the green check mark or press Enter to save the Value: text

Edit or Delete Existing Fields

  1. Click on a field in the form area, or click the Edit pencil icon above the top-right corner of the field | click the field to select it
  2. Click the Options tab, if necessary
  3. Change the appropriate options - click the green check mark or press Enter to save any text entries
  4. Click the trash can icon to delete that field

Configure submission options - the Form tab

  1. Click the Form tab to set options for processing form submissions

  2. Check Confirmation page: only if you want users to see the results of their submission before they submit the form - Note: users have to click Submit a second time to actually submit the form!

  3. Click Prefix | if you have more than one form, enter a form name in the Prefix: field
  4. Click Post Processors | select Redirect from the drop-down list to choose a "thank you" or "confirmation page" users see after submitting the form
    Create the confirmation page first in another area of the site (choose Hide In Menus in the page properties)

  5. Hover the mouse pointer over the page icon for the confirmation page in the page tree
  6. Type the id number for that page into the Destination to redirect to: field | click the green check mark or press Enter to save the redirect id
  7. Enter an email address in the Email address of the recipient: field - multiple email addresses can be separated by a comma and space - this field determines who receives form submission results via email
  8. Enter an email address in the Email address of the sender: field - this can be the same address as the recipient(s)
  9. Enter text in the Subject: field - this sets the Subject line of the form submission results email messages
  10. Click the green check mark or press Enter to save each text entry

Incorrect email addresses

If you provide an incorrect/invalid email address in the Email address of the recipient: field, you will not receive the submitted mail forms. Any forms submitted to the nonexistent email address cannot be retrieved.

Be sure to test mail forms after they are published to verify the accuracy of the Recipient email address.

Note: you can not test mail forms using a workspace preview link.

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