How to hide content

Hide an entire page

  1. Edit the Page Properties
  2. In the Access tab, check the Page Disable checkbox

    Warning: Disabling a page using this approach will hide only the page where you check Page Disable. Web visitors will still be able to access all sub-pages of the disabled page and such sub-pages will remain in search engine results. If you need to disable or remove an entire "site," you should contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

    Warning: checking the In Menus Hide checkbox will remove the page from navigation menus, but the page will still be available to Web visitors who know the Page URL after the change is published. You cannot assume that information posted online with the In Menus Hide checkbox checked is "secure," nor should you publish any sensitive or confidential information on such a page.

  3. Save and publish as usual

Re-enable a hidden page

If a page has been disabled and you want to make it available to visitors

  1. Edit the Page Properties
  2. In the Access tab, UNcheck the Page Disable checkbox
  3. Save and publish as usual

Hide a content element

To leave a page available to Web visitors, but hide a specific content element

  1. Edit the content element
  2. In the Access tab, check the Content Element Disable checkbox

Re-enable a hidden content element

To enable a specific content element that is hidden from display in a page

  1. Edit the content element
  2. In the Access tab, UNcheck the Content Element Disable checkbox

Why not delete?

If you're reasonably sure the content will be needed again, hiding a page/content gives you the ability to easily re-display the item.

If you would delete the content element instead, not only would you be operating under the time constraints of recovering the content, but you would have the hassle of un-deleting it.

Hiding too much content?

Don't go too far overboard hiding contents.  It may become difficult to sort through the backend to keep track of which pages and elements are visible and which are hidden if you leave too many hidden ones around. If you don't think you'll need it again, you can just delete it instead.

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