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NDSU Admin module

The NDSU Admin module in CMS enables workspace managers to view and modify members of a workspace. Authors and publishers may use the module to view other members in the workspace.

To use the module, select it from the module list under User tools > NDSU Admin.

If you see an overview of workspace setup, change to the View/modify access screen to manage permissions.

Your role in the current workspace is listed under the Current workspace heading as Your access level is role.

Add a member

To add a member

  1. Click the NDSU Admin module

  2. Under the Add member heading, select a role from the Select role drop-down menu

  3. Type the campus email address in the Email address field for the member you want to add.
    Enter only one email address at a time

  4. Click the Add button

  5. Address any errors, if present.
    What if it says no results are found? (see CMS service, below)

If no errors are displayed, the person whose email address you entered has been added to your site's group with the specified permission level.

Add a publisher

For example, to add publisher rights for (assuming she is already an author):

  1. Click the NDSU Admin module

  2. Under the Add member heading, select Publisher from the Select role drop-down menu

  3. Type "" in the Email address field

  4. Click the Add button

Remove a member

To remove a member,

  1. Click the NDSU Admin module

  2. Locate the member you want to remove from the appropriate section (managers, publishers, authors)

  3. Click the Delete button next to the member's name

  4. Address any errors, if present

Change primary manager

The only way to change the primary manager for a workspace is for the current primary manager to submit a help request to the help desk by phone or in person. Electronic communications (email, online Web request) can not be accepted for this change.

Only university staff or faculty members may be primary manager. Students (student employees, graduate assistants, etc.) are not eligible for this role.

In the event the primary manager has left the university, the help desk will verify the employee is no longer affiliated with the university and attempt to confirm that the new primary manager is someone authorized to be responsible for the site.

Permission change notifications

For some permission changes, an email will be dispatched from the manager who initiated the permission change.

  • If a manager grants manager permissions to a member, the primary manager will receive a notification email to alert them of the workspace permission change.
    There is no opt-out option available
  • If granted author permissions, the new author member will receive a notification email with information pertaining to CMS training, knowledge base information, and log-in.
    There is no opt-out option available, she will receive the message for every workspace she joins

Permission change logging

You should be aware of the logging that occurs for this module:

  • All membership queries, adds, deletes, successes and failures are logged to the CMS system log
  • Workspace managers do not have access to these logs
  • Help Desk representatives do not have access to these logs
  • Workspace managers are responsible to "police" themselves. CMS administrators will not conduct research into who added whom and when

Logging occurs for the exclusive purposes to aid in troubleshooting, if needed, and to identify attempts to avert security measures.

CMS service

The NDSU Admin module does not create CMS accounts. Instead, it enables workspace managers to add persons who already have a CMS account to her workspace (group). If a prospective member does not have a CMS account, she may request an account.

Other questions

Numbers in member list

If an ID number is present in the list of managers-publishers-authors instead of a name/email address, it is because that person is no longer in the NDSU electronic directory (he/she has probably left the ND University System).

"Privacy Requested" in member list

If an entry displays in a member list as “Privacy Requested” it is because that person has a privacy flag set in a ConnectND system and we cannot retrieve their common name from public sources. Their email might still be available (hover your mouse over the link to see the email address).
Email address may be visible by hovering cursor over person's name

Can't delete my own author rights

A manager may not delete her own author access rights. The author access is what enables the manager into the workspace where she can manage permissions and is required.

Can't delete my own manager rights

A manager may not delete her own access as a manager. This access is what enables her to manage permissions. Another manager must delete the access if appropriate. If you are trying to "hand off" the responsibility to another individual, add her as a manager and then have her remove your manager rights. This process is a good opportunity to be sure she will know how to manage permissions.

I manage more than one workspace but only see one list of members

You may change permissions for the current (active) workspace. To change permissions for another workspace where you are also a manager, you must switch to that workspace and re-enter the NDSU Admin module to manage permissions for that workspace.

I deleted a publisher or manager but they are still listed under authors

When a member who is both an author and a publisher/manager is deleted as an author, her publisher/manager rights will automatically be removed at the same time.

However, because it is possible that an author's publisher/manager rights would need to be revoked while they remain an author, deleting a publisher/manager does not automatically delete her authoring rights. If you want to delete both, you must either delete author rights first or delete both publisher/manager and author rights separately.

The member type "publisher" is disabled

There may be up to 10 publishers per workspace. To add another publisher, you must remove one first.

Name or email incorrect in member list

Information (name, email) listed in member lists comes from official sources. Given the person's record is not marked private, to change the information displayed, you should first confirm it is correct in official sources (HR self-service and Campus Connection). Alternatively, contact the ITS Help Desk to report any cases where ConnectND systems show correct information but member lists do not.

Can the help desk or a CMS administrator grant/remove access?

Primary managers are maintained separately from the CMS workspace, and requests for change of primary manager must go through the help desk.

The only way to add or remove other members is for a current manager to grant/remove access using the NDSU Admin module. The help desk is not able to manage CMS permissions. CMS administrators will not manage CMS permissions. It is the responsibility of current managers.

Can there be more than one primary manager?

There may be only one primary manager at a time for a workspace.

There must be a primary manager for a workspace in order for it to remain in good standing. If there is no primary manager, the workspace (and all the pages it contains) will be locked and later purged. If there is a secondary manager, CMS administrators will attempt to contact the workspace up to 3 secondary managers by email to identify if the workspace is still needed. No attempt will be made to recursively contact all workspace authors to identify if the workspace should continue.

Who else is a member of my workspace?

All members of a workspace are able to see all other members using the NDSU Admin module. Email links are provided to assist with communication efforts between members. Email addresses come from public records and will not be changed to an alternative email address.

How are members sorted?

Managers are listed in the order they were added as managers,
publishers are in the order they were added as publishers,
and authors are listed alphabetically by email address.

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