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What does "publish" mean?

Inside CMS, publishing means moving content from a draft copy to a published version.  It will update the content presented to visitors with the changes made since the last publish date.

Only workspace publishers may publish content--not NDSU IT or CMS administrators.

Publishing is independent of "go live." Publishing is an ongoing event as you draft and then release content to the site. Go live happens once per site.

Microsoft Word Analogy

In Microsoft Word, the closest equivalent to the TYPO3 draft workspace is the Track Changes feature.  For the sake of comparison, the table below lists the the similar concepts between the two.

Microsoft Word - track changesCMS workspace
Changes to a document are recorded so that they may later be canceled or appliedChanges are recorded so that they may later be canceled or published
Changes are approved with "apply changes"Changes are approved with "review"
During work-in-progress, the unofficial document reflects the changes, but holders of the "official copy" don't see this work in progressDuring work-in-progress, the draft page reflects the changes, but visitors of the "live version" don't see this work in progress
After uploading the modified file to the "shared drive," it is available to other people in the departmentAfter publish, the content is available to site visitors

All changes in workspace

Warning: ALL changes for all sites in the entire workspace will be published with this action.  It is not easily possible to undo this action.  If you publish something you did not intend to publish, you must visit each page individually and revert to an older version.  If it is the first time the page was published, the only "undo" possibility is to hide the page and re-publish it.

  1. After saving all changes to the workspace, open the Workspaces module
  2. From the choose Mass Action menu, choose Publish.
    If Publish is not available, it is because you are not a publisher for the current workspace. If you believe you should be a publisher, you should request publisher access from the workspace manager. A workspace manager mustgrant you publisher access.
  3. Click OK in the confirmation dialog
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