Why are some names reserved?

Some page names and/or URL segments are reserved due to technical reasons.  For example, the keyword "article" is bound to indicate that the URL segment that follows refers to a news article.  Likewise a page with Pagetitle "News" is bound to behave as a container for the tt_news application and automatically links to the RSS feed (which won't exist if you don't use the tt_news application).

This behavior cannot be changed on an individual site basis.

What names are reserved?

The following list of page titles/URLs are not recommended for use unless it is for the purpose they are bound to (for example, Search must be used as the search page).

  • Archive
  • Article
  • Browse
  • Contact
  • News
  • Search
  • Storage


The best advice is to avoid these reserved keywords for both page names and page URLs.

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