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Archive: 2008

  • Update to top navigation
    28 December 2008

    For sites, the behavior of the top navigation (black navigation bar) has been updated so that site owners can apply custom navigation without submitting a help request. Instead, simply...

  • Update to news feeds
    28 December 2008

    Updated the news feeds for sites to escape special characters like ampersands (&) in article titles and description.  This will avoid future errors with broken feeds in the event such a...

  • Update to banner links
    28 December 2008

    For all NDSU sites, the "banner link" (activated by clicking on the banner graphic) has been updated to point to the site home page in a different way. Previously, the link was hard-coded to point to...

  • Include link URLs in print
    16 December 2008

    The print stylesheet has been updated to include link URLs after the link text.  An example of what this would look like is shown below. Note that this functionally currently does not work in...

  • Minor print style changes
    02 December 2008

    Updated the print stylesheet to prepend the graphic used for note, tip and warning paragraphs.  Previously, the printed version of a page used a colored border to provide highlight to these...

  • Table classes and file quota bug fixes
    30 October 2008

    Fixed two bugs that may be noticeable to authors. Quotas File quotas have not been successfully enforced in CMS since we began using it.  This meant that authors were able to upload more than the...

  • CMS site request form - now working
    30 September 2008

    During the past week (9/24-9/29), the CMS site request form (now at ) failed.Although no errors were reported to the requester, any requests submitted during this...

  • Top 10 changes in TYPO3 4.2
    06 August 2008

    Drumroll, please ...

  • TYPO3 and extensions upgraded
    24 July 2008

    CMS infrastructure, including TYPO3 and its extensions, was upgraded Thursday through Sunday and now includes several new features and bug fixes.  Most notably,Move pages and page contents in draft...

  • NDSU Search and template updates
    04 April 2008

    Next Thursday, 4/10, changes are coming to TYPO3 CMS. NDSU Search plugin This plugin will allow visitors to use the NDSU search from within a site instead of visiting directly. ...


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