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Upcoming changes - first look (IT Expo)

At the IT Expo on October 23 you heard a fast overview of upcoming changes for CMS.

A video of the presentation, along with the presentation slides, will be posted on the Expo page soon.

Explore more about the CMS topics discussed at the Expo

  • Twitter Bootstrap

  • TYPO3 6.2 upgrade

    • What's new in 6.2 (direct link to German slides -  What's new)
      Released the day before the Expo; wasn't included in Expo slides. Covers administrator topics and some features that may not be included in NDSU CMS.

      • More "space" in the backend, makes items easier to read and click
      • Drag-and-drop Filelist--files can be uploaded by dragging from your computer into the file list
      • Using the Search box (at the top right of the TYPO3 interface) to edit a record will show the parent page after save-and-close (instead of a blank page)
      • New content record button always visible in empty columns
      • Functions > "Create multiple pages" can hide new pages by default
      • Workspace users can decide who should receive notifications
      • (?) Content categories
      • (?) File metadata

  • News categories (detail)
  • Photo banners
  • Request features

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