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Many fixes for users of News application

Thanks to the careful attention to detail of one CMS user, we were able to track down a bug that has evaded us for many months in CMS that caused unusual behavior for some users of the CMS news application.

CMS erroneously summed group permissions, and instead of adding the news application permissions to the NDSU-wide permissions, it overwrote them! This meant that some users of the news application may have noticed

  • User settings that permitted disabling the RTE and choosing a language other than English, whereas your peers were not able to make these selections
  • Some possibly confusing menu items that don't work without administrator access displayed in some context menus
  • The Pagetree could not be resized (the frame couldn't be dragged wider/narrower)
  • The Admin panel did not display
  • Could not preview hidden (e.g., never published) contents, including news articles
  • Pages and news articles may not have successfully defaulted to visible (not hidden)

Not all users of the news application were affected, as it depended in what order individuals joined site groups. The above-named oddities should all be resolved, but because the bug still exists in the application (we are just trying to work around it), you should report if you still see these problems. If you have additional questions or concerns to report, please submit a help request or contact the IT help desk directly.

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