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Template transition update

The template is changing on Monday, August 8. Are you ready?

Since the user group meeting last Thursday, over 1,100 content changes have been submitted in the #ndsu-new-template draft workspace. Kudos to everyone who worked to be ready for this change.

Updates from the "back end"

Main page shortcuts


Most shortcut to department main page links have been removed from your sites. A few shortcuts were not deleted. Those affected are:

  • (1) Audit and Advisory Services (,
  • (3) Bison Connection (,
  • (2) Boman County Extension Service (not live),
  • (1) Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology (, 
  • (3) Counseling Center (,
  • (2) Flood Information (,
  • (1) NDSU news (,
  • (2) Nutrient Management (,
  • (3) Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (, and 
  • (2) Potato Pathology (

The shortcuts were not deleted for one of three reasons.

  1. Page name is significantly different from the department name.
    If your shortcut to main page was named, for example, ABC and the department's name is Alphabet Bears Care, the shortcut is still there. You can delete or hide the shortcut if you don't want it.
  2. There are sub-pages to the shortcut page.
    No one can see those sub-pages/contents, but to avoid deleting something you still want, the shortcut was not deleted. You can hide or delete the shortcut and its sub-pages/contents if you don't want them.
  3. There are shortcuts to the shortcut.
    For whatever reason, instead of linking to your site's main page, the links are to the shortcut. If the shortcut were deleted, those other links would break. You can update the links to the shortcut (to be to the department main page directly) and then delete or hide the shortcut.

H5, H6

In the #ndsu-new-draft workspace only, you should be able to select Heading 5 and Heading 6 Block Format in the Rich Text Editor, and choose Heading 5 in the content element's General Tab > Layout field.

After the template transition, you should gain access to the same features in your regular workspaces.


Documentation is still in the works. Old documentation is being refreshed to describe and show the new templates. If there is some particular conflict between the knowledge base and what you see in the #ndsu-new-draft workspace features, and you need help figuring it out, please submit a help request.

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