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Search and replace

29 January 2010

In the event a word or phrase must be changed throughout your entire site, there is no search-and-replace for all content elements simultaneously. You can, however, break down the problem into manageable pieces.

  1. Use the backend search tool to query your site's content for the word or phrase
  2. Click the Edit record button for a content element in the result list
  3. Update each instance of the word within that content element. If the word occurs in text entered using the rich text editor, use the Find and replace button to search and replace that word throughout the body text in that content element
  4. Save and close the content element
  5. Continue editing each content element from the result list until all corrections are made
  6. Send to review or publish the contents as usual

Another tool to help you find instances of the word is to use NDSU Search to query for the word. Remember that NDSU Search results are only refreshed on Saturdays, so if you update your site's content, check NDSU Search again after Saturday to see if any results remain.

Contact page

February 13, 2008

You may have noticed a page called Contact in your CMS page tree. This page is important!  If visitors come to your site and encounter a page not found error, they will see a link to that Contact page.

Want to see for yourself? Visit the following Web address: (there is no page at that address).

Take note of the "Error. Page not found" page that displays contains a "contact us" link.

Be sure your Contact page contains a mail form, contact information, or some other content useful to visitors trying to contact you.

You may also uncheck the "hide in menu" option from the Contact page properties if you want it to be visible in your site's main navigation.

See more information about the contact page and other default pages.

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