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TYPO3 Upgrade April 2017


As of 6:45PM April 23, 2017, TYPO3 is serving web content and is accepting author logins. We ran into a hiccup switching back to the production system, so it took a little extra time to iron that out. Other details in which you may have interest:

  1. To Top links aren't prefixed with the path, so they all go to the NDSU home page. This might not be fixable without major changes to the way we use TYPO3 (e.x., it's certainly possible to fix but requires testing to be sure something else "more important" doesn't break in the process), in which case these Link To Top links would just be disabled at least for now
  2. Some records are "not publishing" with a stale swap process lock file. There is no apparent pattern so each instance (there should be only a handful) should be reported by submitting a ticket request through the help desk including where the problem is happening (what workspace and what record is stuck). Records indicate this also occurred prior to the upgrade, so it is not currently believed to be an artifact of the upgrade; however, no cause is yet identified
  3. Links typed outside of TYPO3 substituting an underscore for a dash no longer work. TYPO3 has never generated links using dashes; however, it did previously treat dashes as underscores, in case someone typed them that way. There is no expected fix for this, though we'll continue to seek a fix
  4. News category pages aren't using RealURL (friendly URL) web address segments. A fix is identified but not yet applied because it will cause a temporary "page not found" error for the entire installation
  5. Publish notifications have been updated to more closely mirror the notification behaviors prior to upgrade. When NDSU Admin access is restored, workspace managers will again be able to configure each notification level. If a workspace manager would like to make a change before NDSU Admin is restored, please submit a ticket via the Help Desk, including the name of the workspace and the desired notification behavior
  6. Hidden fields are not submitted with generated the mailform email.
    This means forms used to generate Service Now tickets won't be updated with the "hidden field" template value. You'll have to add the value in a non-hidden field (a radio button that is disabled and has only the one option is a good choice for this task) for now
  7. The format of Mailforms changed

    • The appearance of forms to visitors has been updated to look like it did in the old version
    • The backend form field parameters have been migrated to the new format. New form settings in the mailform content object are available that may improve the user experience for the visitor completing the form and a get-started guide is available at  Mail Forms in CMS (PDF). Migrating forms to Qualtrics is also a good option in many cases

  8. Menu Type: "Section index (Indented)" displays as before
  9. The Rich Text Editor context menu (right-click) menu displays on right click but is below the regular display area (zooming the page out or using an exceptionally tall browser window exposes the misplaced menu). No ETA on a fix
  10. When editing tables in the RTE, the Table Properties screen doesn't open for tables without a Caption. Authors must use the individual row/column/cell editing instead to set properties. See for details of how to set the properties. If you don't need to edit Table Properties, the table functions otherwise work as usual. Alternatively you could recreate the table with a Caption. No ETA on a fix
  11. NDSU Admin is not currently enabled. A workspace manager should submit a request via the Help Desk including who needs access to what (e.x., email address of the person that should get access, name of the workspace where they should be able to edit, and identify whether they should be author or publisher)
  12. College photo banners are currently the same as departments. Fix is in the works
  13. Department photo banners now have different buttons
    A change in TYPO3 image handling was easier to accommodate with a more robust carousel script, so for now the buttons look different. If University Relations approves of the change, the buttons may stay; if not, I’ll try to get it “updated” (to the old look) as soon as I can
  14. News lists are showing image previews despite being disabled
  15. TYPO3 now uses NDSU AD for authentication

    • If you haven't reset your NDSU password in a while (like years) the password would not be synced with AD. So, if you can’t log into TYPO3 or an IT-supported Lab (cluster) computer but you can log into Enroll, you'll need to reset your password in Enroll to sync it to AD
    • If you change username (IID / EID / email handle) we have to update your DN in TYPO3 also in order to log in again. If we missed changing it in CMS when you got a new username, please submit a ticket request via the Help Desk

  16. News RSS feeds were not always displaying correctly; however, as of 12:05 AM April 24, 2017, these appear to be working as expected
  17. RTE content containing an ampersand "&"--such as links to the NDSU Marketplace--were double-encoded and didn't look right or work properly. Update May 3 - The issue has been resolved for RTE links

Upgrade notice

The TYPO3 web content management system (CMS) will be unavailable beginning 5 p.m. Friday, April 21, until 6 p.m. Sunday, April 23, during a backend system upgrade.

CMS authors will not be able to log in to TYPO3 to edit/publish any content during that time. However, page content on live sites will remain available to visitors during the upgrade process. This includes CMS workspaces for,, and

This upgrade is only to TYPO3, not to the standard NDSU HTML template. Your department pages will remain visually unchanged and will look the same to visitors after the upgrade.

After the upgrade, you'll notice an updated look to the backend user interface, but the TYPO3 features will remain unchanged. More details will be provided soon, including a quick "intro" document to acquaint you with the new look and face-to-face training options.

Contact the NDSU IT Help Desk at 701-231-8685 or if you have questions or need assistance.

Upgrade Resources

We've put together resources intended to help you adjust to the interface changes quickly!

Quick Start Guide - CMS (TYPO3) Upgrade at NDSU

Create Email Forms in TYPO3 (NEW)

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