Syed Sajid Ahmad, MS

Syed Sajid Ahmad, M.S.

Manager of Engineering Services

Syed Sajid Ahmad earned his master's degree in Experimental Physics from the University of the Punjab in 1972 and in theoretical physics from Islamabad University in 1974. Ahmad taught math and science in secondary schools in Ghana (1974-77), was involved in the production of pre-PC "sol" personal computer at Processor Technology (1978-79) and contributed to quality and reliability enhancement of assembly processes at Intel (1979-89), especially wire bond. Ahmad also contributed to packaging development at National Semiconductor (1990) and managed quality at GigaBit/TriQuint (1990-91). His major work at Micron Technology (1991-2003) involved the development and implementation of advanced packaging. At the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Ahmad's focus is on enhancing research and manufacturing capabilities at the center in the areas of thin film, thick film, chip scale packaging (CSP) and surface mount technology (SMT). Ahmad has 32 international publications and presentations and holds 54 patents.