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Materials Characterization & Analysis Laboratory

Analytical Services

As an interdisciplinary research center anchored by federal programs and competitive private funding, the laboratory´s first responsibility is to meet the needs of the researchers within CNSE. External entities, including both on- and off-campus partners, are encouraged to collaborate with CNSE as long as the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. There is time available on the instrumentation
  2. There is sufficient technical staff available to perform or assist in carrying out the request
  3. In the case that a customer has been trained to run the instrumentation on their own, the following requirements must be accompanied with number 1 and 2.

  4. The potential user attends the necessary safety and technical training relevant to the analytical work they are performing
  5. The potential user agrees to sign a confidentiality agreement that covers issues such as confidentiality and intellectual property when required

Potential customers who are interested in utilizing MCAL resources should fill out and submit an Analytical Services Request Form; whereby, the MCAL Manager can determine if the MCAL can meet the respective customer´s materials characterization and analysis needs. If the work is feasible, then the MCAL Manager would establish a mutually agreed upon timeline with the customer by which the work would begin and finish to the satisfaction of the customer. Researchers are also able to request training on specific instrumentation which would allow them the ability to run their own samples as long as the instrument is available and the MCAL Manager believes training to be in the best interest of the MCAL.

For further information regarding CNSE's materials characterization capabilities and/or rates, please contact the MCAL Manager at (701) 231-5305.