Bioactive Materials Research Laboratory

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The Bioactive Materials Research Laboratory (BMRL) is dedicated to the characterization and analysis of coatings and materials for a variety of applications. High-throughput screening (HTS) workflows have been developed to rapidly evaluate coatings for biomedical, environmental and marine applications. Traditional characterization techniques have been implemented for advanced screening of promising candidates identified with the HTS workflow.

The BMRL is housed in the South Wing of building R2 located in the Research & Technology Park at NDSU. Four laboratories are utilized to carry out bioactive materials research and characterization. These include dedicated laboratories for work with mammalian cells, BSL2 microorganisms and marine organisms.

The high-throughput workflows consist of a variety of commercial and custom-built equipment and instrumentation to facilitate rapid and reproducible assays. This includes the use of multi-channel liquid dispensing robots to automate various steps of the analysis of combinatorial coating arrays and an automated water-jet apparatus to rapidly screen microorganism adhesion to coating surfaces.