Combinatorial Science - Analysis

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Data analysis is carried out using a number of software tools.

PolyViewTM from Symyx Software

RenaissanceTM PolyViewTM software provides a flexible way to search for and retrieve data from the Renaissance Application ServerTM (RAS) based on data stored during synthesis and screening activities. The user can view combinations of data from multi-step synthetic processes, which are cross-linked by the RAS to provide consistent and clear access to all data collected through the lifetime of a test sample.

This data may be displayed in custom reports, including spreadsheet tables, 2D or 3D scatter plots, 2D or 3D bar charts, grid views, and library summaries. Reports can include numeric and textual data as well as an extended set of custom data types, including spectra, chromatograms, and images. Links are also provided to send data to external text files, Microsoft ExcelTM, and Spotfire DecisionSiteTM, for additional visualization and analysis.

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Spotfire DecisionSiteTM

Spotfire DecisionSiteTM is a data mining and analysis software that can retrieve data from a variety of formats. The software has data mining functions and can be used to graphically analyze complex, multivariate data sets.

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