Buehler IsoMet 4000 Linear Precision Saw

BME 3The IsoMet 4000 Linear Precision Saw is designed for cutting various types of materials with minimal sample deformation. The IsoMet 4000 provides users with a precision sectioning tool capable of cutting virtually any material, including brittle and ductile metals, ceramics, composites, cements, laminates, plastics, electronic components and biomaterials. Additionally, a built-in coolant pump minimizes sample deformation by reducing heat build-up. (Buehler Webpage: IsoMet 4000 Metallurgy Equipment)


  • Cutting circuit boards
  • Cutting small parts with a high precision


  • 1um specimen positioning system along with automated capabilities
  • Precise sample sectioning made possible for longer samples with a linear action and large workspace
  • Consistent cuts possible for different materials and operators with the SMARTCUT system which automatically adjusts feed rate to eliminate specimen, machine, and blade damage
  • High sample versatility can be achieved with a wide selection of specimen fixturing, flanges, and diamon/carbide blades
  • 1.25HP (950 Watt) Motor can run up to 5000 rpm and can use blades up to 8"