SZX12 Stereo Microscope

OMOlympus’ SZX12 Research Stereo Microscope is compatible with a wide range of applications and microscopy techniques.  The SZX12 is suitable for the proper inspection of processed and engineered materials. The SZX12 has a zoom ratio of 12.86:1 and total magnification powers ranging from 7-90x. The SZX12 also comes equipped with a boom stand and CCD camera.


  • The SZX12 is currently equipped with a 1x objective and a 10x eyepiece, which provides a zoom ratio of 12.86:1. This gives the user maximum flexibility in observing the specimen without switching objectives.
  • One of the most interesting aspects of the SZX is the ability to attach multiple cameras. The instrument is equipped with a beam splitter module that will split to mounted cameras off both the left and right optical paths. This allows for simultaneous attachment of up to 3 cameras. The SZX12 does come equipped with a CCD camera.
  • The SZX12 comes equipped with a diagnostic boom stand used to stabilize the microscope during operation.
  • The SZX12 has a zoom drive system with 10 disengageable zoom magnification click-stops.
  • The SZX12 comes with Advanced Spot software package capable of dimensional analysis (see example images below).
  • The SZX12 has 30mm diameter eyetubes and variable eyetube inclination of 5-45°.