Thermomechanical Analyzer 2940

TMATA Instruments’ TMA Model 2940 is an industry standard research grade thermomechanical analyzer with flexibility in operating modes, test probes, fixtures, and available signals.  The open architecture allows for easy sample loading and probe placement. Flexibility of sample thermocouple allows for precise positioning in order to optimize temperature measurement.

Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA) measures displacement or change in dimension of a sample as a function of temperature or time under a controlled atmosphere.  It is typically used to measure the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE), Deflection Temperature Under Load (DTUL), and the softening points of materials. 

Property Determination

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (α or CTE)
  • Deflection Temperature under Load (DTUL)
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Softening Point


  • Baseline Drift < 1µm between -100 ºC to 500 ºC
  • Expansion, macro-expansion, and penetration probes available
  • Force Range: 0.001 N to 2.0 N
  • Temperature Range: -150 ºC to 600 ºC