TA Instruments ARES Rheometer (RHMTR)

The ARES rheometer offers unique separate motor and transducer technology for quality measurements. The ARES rheometer is capable of measuring stress independently of the applied shear deformation. The ARES rheometer is used to study various properties of viscoelastic matierals including loss modulus, storage modulus, relaxation modulus, and viscosity as a function of temperature, time, frequency or strain. (TA Instruments Webpage: ARES Rheometer)


  • Provides information on viscosity
  • Determines loss and storage modulus
  • Gives transient response such as creep compliance, creep recovery, & relaxation modulus


  • Dual Motor Transducer Assembly
  • Temperature Ramps (-150C to 600C)
  • Frequency Ramps
  • Strain Controlled Experiments
  • Stress Controlled Experiments