Raman Imaging System

This Raman Spectrometer is a confocal system capable of x,y mapping and depth profiling. The advanced optical technology and software on the LabRAM ARAMIS provides access to faster and more detailed chemical images. While not every sample is an efficient Raman scatterer, the ARAMIS ensures that samples such as pharmaceuticals, minerals, polymers and semiconductors can routinely be mapped using fast point acquisitions.

Analytical Techniques

  • Functional group analysis
  • Organic contamination determination
  • Vibrational and rotational structure determination which can yield physical structure


  • True confocal Raman microscope equipped with 532nm and 785nm lasers
  • Full system automation (grating and laser selection)
  • Patented 4-notch filter selector
  • Up to four gratings on QUAD motorized turret
  • Class (I) microscope security compartment
  • Unique line scanning mode for fast Raman mapping