Electronics Prototype Fabrication

Dunbar Fluidic Self Assembly Lab

The fluidic self assembly (FSA) facility is located at the center of the NDSU campus in the Chemistry department (Dunbar Hall). It operates within a class 10,000 cleanroom and accommodates three FSA machines (ASM High output production machine, Prototype machine and Experimental Test station) with its supporting production and characterization equipment.

Fluidic Self Assembly

FSA is a process that enables an efficient self-alignment of large numbers of special shaped integrated Circuit (IC) chips into corresponding shaped cavities of a surface. During the FSA process, IC chips (“NanoBlock ICs”) are suspended in a liquid solution and dispensed as slurry onto the top of the substrate from where the NanoBlocks slide across the substrate and settle into designated receptors. The substrate is then dried and planerized keeping the NanoBlocks in their aligned position.

Production Equipment

Characterization Equipment