Forced Air Oven

Corona Sheet Treater

The Enercon Corona Treating System is designed to increase the surface tension of plastic films, foils and paper in order to enhance the wetability and adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives. As a result, the materials treated by this equipment will demonstrate improved printed and coating quality and stronger lamination strength.

The system consists of two major components:

The power supply accepts standard 50/60 Hz utility electrical power and converts it into single phase, higher frequency (nominally 10 to 30 kHz) power that is supplied to the treater station.

The treater station applies this power to the surface of the material via an electrode. Only the side of the substrate exposed to the corona should show an increase in surface tension.

Substrate surface energy for solvent based coating, ink or adhesive should be between 38 and 40 dynes/cm. Substrate surface energy for water-based and UV or EB cured coating, ink or adhesive should be between 42 and 44 dynes/cm.


  • Air flow switch
  • Ceramic electrodes have a life measured in years and provide higher treatment levels
  • Duct connection for ozone exhaust
  • Exhaust system provides for both ozone removal and electrode temperature stability
  • Integral HV transformer mount
  • Ozone resistant construction
  • Ozone removal and electrode cooling universal system treats any plastic, foil, metalized film or paper
  • Rack and pinion drive system for smooth table operations
  • Stainless steel vacuum plate
  • Variable speed vacuum table drive with digital tachometer


  • Line speeds up to 50 fpm
  • Maximum watt density to more than 20Wd