Forced Air Oven

Hot Press

The Carver hot press is a manual, four-column hydraulic press. Its four-post construction assures parallelism over a 12" x 12" surface. The hot press has electrically heated platens allowing temperatures up to 343C (650F) with digital controllers for each platen.


  • Laboratory testing of ASTM test plaque or bar molds for polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Laminating capabilities for printed circuit boards
  • Materials research involving ceramics, composites, construction materials, cosmetics, drugs, mold wafers, pharmaceuticals, powder metals, printed circuit boards, rubber, silicone and other elastomers, soil, thermoplastic resins and thermosets
  • Other applications include composite molding, compression molding, crushing, encapsulation, extrusion, forming, insert pressing, producing KBr pellets for infrared spectroscopy, metal forming (dimpling), insert molding, oil extraction, pelletizing, specimen preparation, splice molding, splitting chilled oils, transfer molding and vulcanizing rubber stamps
  • Quality and performance testing of physical properties including: compression strength, flexural strength, shear strength, flow and color dispersion
  • Used for molding, laminating, embossing and bonding of various materials


  • Clamping Force (tons) - 12
  • Clamping Force (Lbs) - 24,000
  • Daylight Opening (in) - 0 to 10
  • Footprint w x d (in) - 29 x 27
  • Height (in) - 39
  • Maximum Temperature - 343C (650F)
  • Platens (in) - 12 x 12
  • Ram Stroke (in) - 5.1
  • Weight (lbs) - 770