The Starrett WISDOMŪ Plus Series Electronic Indicator is a digital micrometer featuring 3 unique modes of measurement and 5 different measuring ranges with a maximum range of measurement between 0-26.000mm or 0-1.02325in.

WISDOM Plus Series Features

  • 3 power sources
  • 3 measuring modes
  • 5 measuring ranges
  • 10 user selectable resolutions
  • Maximum range of measurement
  • 0 to +/- 26.000mm (+/-.010)
  • 0 to +/- 1.02325in (+/-.00005)
  • Auto off after 10 minutes of nonuse
  • Feature locks user selections so that a wrong button push will not change your settings
  • Hold button to freeze display
  • Instant inch/mm conversion
  • Maximum and minimum reading holds
  • Multiple data output/input choices
  • Preset mode to install any reading at any point in the display
  • Rotating bezel with plus or minus travel direction
  • Tolerance permits the entering of high and low tolerance values that when exceeded cause the indicator display to flash
  • Zero the tool at any position of spindle travel

Modes of Measurement

  1. INCR - Incremental Measurement: displayed reading is the distance from the precision test stand, zero may be set at any point during spindle travel.
  2. TIR - Total Indicator Readings: displayed reading is the difference between the highest and lowest spindle positions while moving the part under the spindle contact. This mode is most useful for checking roundness of shafts and surface flatness.
  3. ABS - Absolute or Preset measurement: displayed reading is the distance from the preset reference, which is set at any point of spindle travel while the spindle point is resting on a precision reference.