particle counter

Liquid Particle Counter

Utilizing the principle of “near angle light scatter,” a revolving laser beam passes through the walls of a glass container of a flow-thru cell. When it is directed through a central “sensitive zone” the PC-2000 not only counts the particles in suspension, but tabulates their size as well. The analog signals generated by the light pulses are routed to a computer and digitized. The PC-2000 is capable of identifying particle quantity and size from 0.5m to 100m diameter and operates with both flowing and in-situ liquids.


  • Bottle Material: transparent, scratch-free glass
  • Detectable Particle Size: from 0.5m - 100m
  • Power: 115v 60Hz (230v optional)
  • Size: 7" x 6" x 15" (height with Light Tight Cover is 8")
  • Typical bottle size: 15-60 mm inside diameter
  • Weight: 15 lb.
  • Standard Accessories 3 sealed calibration standards