Stereo Microscope

Stereo Microscope

The Olympus stereomicroscope SZX12 is compatible with a wide range of applications and microscopy techniques. It is used mainly for the audit and inspection of FSA processed substrates. The SZX12 has a zoom ratio of 12.86:1 and total magnification powers ranging from 7x to 90x.


  • Substrate surface inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer inspection
  • Final FSA audit


The SZX12 is currently equipped with a 1x objective and a 10x eyepiece, which provides a zoom ratio of 12.86:1. This gives the user maximum flexibility in observing the specimen without switching objectives. Future attachments may include a series of parfocal objectives along with a dual nosepiece. This would allow you to utilize the full zoom range of two objectives by easily rotating one or the other into the light path. Using the 0.5x and 1.6x objectives with the 10x eyepiece would give an effective zoom range of 3.5x to 144x or a 41:1 zoom ratio.

One of the most interesting aspects of the SZX is the ability to attach multiple cameras. The instrument is equipped with a beam splitter module that will split off both the left and right optical paths independently to cameras. This allows for simultaneous attachment of up to 3 cameras.


  • 0.5x CCD camera adapter with C-mount providing direct image projection
  • 30mm diameter eyetubes
  • 52mm to 76mm inter pupilary distance adjustment
  • Diagnostic boom stand used to stabilize the instrument during operation
  • Integrated aperture iris diaphragm
  • Range of magnification: 7x-90x
  • Variable eye tube inclination of 5 to 45 degrees
  • Zoom variable magnification system with parallel optical axis
  • Zoom drive system with 10 disengage able zoom magnification click-stops
  • Zoom ratio: 12.86:1