Forced Air Oven

Surface Energy Analyzer

Contact angle measurement is a characterization method of surface analysis related to surface energy and surface tension between a solid and a liquid drop. Contact angle describes the shape of a liquid drop resting on a solid surface and is defined as the angle between the tangent line (drawn from the drop shape to the touch of the solid surface) and the solid surface. The measurement provides information to study the bonding energy of the solid surface and surface tension of a liquid droplet.


  • Evaluate surface cleanliness, cleaning methods and cleaning process control
  • Qualification of semiconductor wafer cleanliness and substrate surface characterization
  • Study adhesion, wetting behavior, bonding quality, surface treatments and coatings on fiber, polymer and semiconductor wafer
  • Studies of surface modification, process development and quality control
  • Surface tension and wetting properties of detergents, surfactants and coatings


  • Determination of static and dynamic (time-based) contact angle
  • Determination of advancing and receding contact angle
  • Statistical analysis employing the sessile drop and pendant drop methods
  • Surface energy analysis


  • Accuracy - 0.5 Degree
  • Dosing 150 500 Droplets
  • Magnification 35:1 (High Magnification until 51:1)
  • Measuring Method Sessile Drop, Manual, or Automatic Calculation
  • Measuring Range 0 -180 Degree
  • Repeatablitlty - 1 Degree
  • Sample/Specimen Stage Sizes 3.5 x 3.5 - Max Sample 6.5 W x 9 L x 2.5 H
  • Standard Accessories 5 (28 g) needle tips and 3(100 mL) syringes