Electronics Prototype Fabrication

CNSE has the capability to fabricate prototype electronics units with its in-house assembly capabilities. A highly capable chip-scale package prototype line is able to produce many types of advanced semiconductor packages including Tessera’s µBGA® technology. This facility is able to produce approximately 1,000 units per day for medium volume prototype fabrication. 

RF and digital devices have been packaged successfully at the Center in single- and multi-chip configurations. The laboratory has proven capability to extract chips from off-the-shelf packages and to re-package them in desired configurations. The Center has processed sapphire as well as silicon devices. Processing of GaAs dice has also been evaluated.

A surface mount technology line installed at CNSE is set up for high-mix, low-volume prototype assembly. The prototype line utilizes a MYDATA pick and place machine which is able to place components down to 01005 size, as well as CSPs, flip chips and BGAs at a rate of 6,000 components per hour.  The line also consists of a screen printer, reflow oven, automated optical inspection machine, and an X-ray inspection machine.

CNSE also has the capability to rapidly produce mechanical mock-ups of finished products.