The Materials Characterization and Analysis Laboratory (MCAL) at NDSU offers a unique set of instrumental capabilities for academia and industry. MCAL operates through sponsored research agreements and other contracts with partners such as governmental agencies and the private sector. MCAL welcomes cooperative endeavors with NDSU departments, other universities and research institutions.

As part of the NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), an interdisciplinary research center anchored by federal programs, our first responsibility is to meet the needs of CNSE and NDSU researchers. However, MCAL thrives on multi-sector collaborations, helping partners reach their project goals through the use of our instrumentation suite.

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Steps to a Potential Partnership with MCAL For On-Campus NDSU Faculty, Staff or Students

Steps to a Potential Partnership with MCAL For Off-Campus Academic Parties or Private Sector Parties