SimplieMet 1000 Automatic Mounting Press

Buehler’s SimpliMet 1000 automatic mounting press is used to mount specimens with thermosetting resins, including Phenolics, EpoMet, ProbeMet, KonductoMet I, and Diallyl Phthalate. Easy to change molds are offered in a full range of sample sizes from 1 to 2 (25 mm–50 mm).

Specimen mounting allows for convenient handling of various shapes and sizes during the subsequent steps of specimen preparation and examination. Hot compression mounting minimize shrinkage, protects and preserves edges and surface defects during preparation steps and provides excellent sample quality. Compression mounting provides a predictable and convenient size and shape and allows specimen information to be marked on the backside for record keeping. (Buehler Webpage: SimpliMet1000 Metallurgy Equipment)


  • Mounting small parts for better handling
  • Pucks created can then be polished in a semi-automatic mode with EcoMet 3000 Grinder/Polisher or cut with the IsoMet 4000 saw for further materials characterization


  • Dual temperatures of 300 & 350 degrees F
  • Pressure 1200–4400 psi
  • Standard 1–2" duplex molds