EcoMet 3000 Ginder/Polisher

BME2Buehler’s EcoMet 3000 is a variable speed grinder-polisher with an 8 (203mm) low profile aluminum platen and a Buehler universal mount. Platen speed is variable from 10 to 500 rpm. Percent Load display shows the amount of load on the motor. A built-in center mount facilitates use of the AutoMet Power Head with either wheel. The instrument is designed for sample preparation applications which require two grinding-polishing stations. (Buehler Webpage: EcoMet 3000 Metallurgy Equipment)


  • Surface finishes can be achieved down to a mirror finish depending upon material and technique


  • Mechanically driven with powerful 1Hp motor
  • Variable speeds allow operator to adjust speed for specific material applications
  • Automated head for specimen consistency